About Us

Privatizer Technologies LLC was founded in 1997to develop and manufacture products for the office automation and mailing industries. The company developed new proprietary technology which resulted in the successful production of HP’s LaserJet Print to Mail Accessory.

The HP Print to Mail Accessory, the first affordable desktop mailing system in the market, has migrated into a Privatizer Technologies product line that is sold in multiple distribution channels by forms manufacturers, dealers, software houses, and through the HP Global Solutions Catalog.

An approved HP Solutions Business Partner, Privatizer Technologies, works with small and large businesses to address their needs with the following popular applications:

  1. Education: grade reports, transcripts, notices
  2. Government: tax bills, municipal lien certificates, utility bills
  3. Business: statements, order acknowledgement, accounting
  4. Healthcare: invoices, insurance notices
  5. General: payroll checks, tax forms, w-2 forms
  6. Special: military, mail to the troops in combat zones, embassy offices

Distributors are located in the United States, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Privatizer Technologies LLC important facts:

  1. Privately owned
  2. Manufacturing facility resides in Dayton, Ohio
  3. Owns a family of patented technologies in paper handling, folding/sealing, and printing products
  4. Has world class product design, engineering, and prototyping capabilities
  5. Products are RoHs certified, CE certified, UL certified
  6. Is a HP Solutions Business Partner
  7. Works with distributors and customers with honesty and integrity.
  8. Experienced industry expertise in helping customers solve their automation needs.